THORN — The Willows — Book Two

The Troubling Past 

One girl’s choice shouldn’t have the power to change fate, but for Ashton Blake, that’s exactly what it meant when she fled the Dryads. Trading one gilded cage for another is a far cry from freedom however, and Ashton knows escaping The Valley won’t absolve the treaty or her duty to fulfill it.

The Disturbing Present 

Reunited with her own kind, Ashton begins to uncover too many long-buried secrets—secrets that not only challenge what she knows of her family’s history but the reality behind those who hid it from her. Trying to resurrect the past, however, only complicates Ashton and company’s attempts to salvage the future.

The Unsettling Future 

As the truth is revealed, the myth of a possible alternative to the treaty is uncovered, but alongside this discovery comes a newfound ability with grave consequences. Now haunted by visions of an inescapable fate, Ashton realizes her future isn’t the only one at stake. But when an entire race hangs in the balance, there’s an impossibly fine line between salvation and surrender.