GABE — The Willows — Book 2.5

Haunted by the loss of his best friend, Gabe Willoughby's only wish is to protect her half-nymph daughter from meeting a similar fate. But hope and duty don't often keep the same company, and Gabe is bound by a peace treaty to deliver Ashton, heiress to the Naiad realm, into the hands of his enemies.

After years of defying the ruling families and planning Ashton’s escape, the pair is confronted by a series of harrowing encounters which leaves them both asking dangerous questions. But how can Gabe protect her from a world she doesn’t know exists?

As the threat to Ashton’s life mounts, the dark truth about her heritage begins to unravel, fraying the tenuous thread of trust between them, and forcing Gabe to choose between the love of one woman and the future of an entire realm.

Author Note: GABE is a full-length companion novel in The Willows series and is intended to be read after HAVEN and THORN. This story is HAVEN told from Gabe’s perspective. It includes both new and known scenes and information prior to, during, and after those included in HAVEN.