The Natural Always Precedes the Supernatural

We all want or need something. The thing about God is, He designed man to be in partnership with Him. He plays His role and we have a complementary part. When God put Adam in the Garden of Eden, Adam’s role was to plant seed. He didn’t have to make anything grow; there were no weeds or thorns to pull. All that was required was planting.
The same rules apply to us today, though because we live in a fallen world, the tending has become a little more challenging. The law of sowing still applies, however, because God is unchanging even when our circumstances are unpredictable.
The laws of sowing goes like this: firstly, you have to make room for increase before you can have increase. You have to prepare the space before you can expand. Where will you put it, whatever ‘it’ may be?
Secondly, you ALWAYS have a seed. God never leaves us seedless. It’s our role in the partnership between God and man. Adam was a seed SOWER. God is the seed GROWER. We take turns with God, us doing our part, then God taking His turn to do His. Our turn is always first. Man has to make the first move.
The natural will always precede the supernatural.
For example, Jesus told them to fill the pots with water before it became wine. The staff had to be raised before the Red Sea parted. The woman had to collect the vessels before God filled them each with oil. The stick had to be thrown into the water before the ax head floated.
Man is required to make the first move. God won’t fail to do His part if you’ve done yours.
“I want to get married.”
Do you have a job? Do you have a place to live? Are you in the position to care for a family? Or do you still live with your parents? Do you have a stable and desirable life? Are you a stable and desirable human? Are you emotionally, physically, and spiritually ready to be partnered with another person? How have you prepared yourself? If God sends you a mate now, will you be the person you need to be, in the place you need to be, to have a happy and fruitful marriage?
“I want a new house.”
Have you taken care of the place you’re in? Is it clean, organized, and maintained? Have you tended to the plumbing and electrical issues? Are there pests? Have you dealt with the clutter? Is there stuff tumbling out every nook and cranny? Is your current place ready to sell? Or if you rent, have you invested in cleaning and repairing issues to assure you get your deposit back for a future down payment? Have you been saving up and preparing financially for the next step? Or will a new place add strain to your life rather than blessing it?
Prepare yourself first. God can’t move if you’re not even ready.
God can’t operate in chaos; He moves through our obedience and faith. If you don’t have your affairs in order, and you don’t take a physical step of obedience through faith, God isn’t going to skip your turn and break His own natural law to bypass you. He doesn’t move like that, and He is nothing if not consistent in character.
Your step, your role to play, will be something reasonable. God won’t ask of you something you can’t already do or provide with a little effort. It will be something you have at your disposal, a weapon in your arsenal, an easy, accomplishable step. Your seed is unique to you, and you currently possess it or have the opportunity and ability to obtain it.
But you have to stop looking for the supernatural until you’re obedient in the natural. God will not move until you have. It’s your turn first.
Like the widow with the little vessel of oil (2 Kings 4), God wants you to go inside and close the door before He begins His work. You have to shut the door to the world and listen to His Word. Get alone with God, ask Him what you have or need to do in order to take the first step. Maybe it’s sell something. Maybe it’s tidy up or declutter. Maybe it’s use a gift you have to sow into others’ lives. God will show you if you ask Him.
You have either everything you need or the ability to obtain it for God to move in your situation. ❤ Get busy taking your sowing.
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