My Thrive Experience: Week 1

I’ve been on Thrive for a full week now, and I will confidently say that I’ve never felt so great in my adult life. My sleep is better than it has ever been, and that’s always been my largest struggle. I’m able to concentrate on what I need to during the entire day, run errands, enjoy time with my kids, and manage the house. I don’t find myself staring like a zombie at my computer screen or drifting off in car line at school.

I’m still making minor adjustments to optimize the Thrive experience. According to the program, it takes approximately 8 weeks to see maximized results. Because Thrive works in your gut first, it takes time to heal the damage and then rebuild. Seeing as it’s only 1 week, I haven’t reached that level yet. My stomach is definitely improving, but I’ll keep you updated as the weeks progress.

A couple of things I didn’t anticipate have happened this week as well.

  1. My mood is improved, which makes sense since I’m resting better and have more energy, but it’s amazing.
  2. I have zero cravings.

Before starting Thrive, my morning routine consisted of having one Coke as my pick me up. I didn’t like that habit. Soda is not healthy in any form, but I needed my hit of caffeine, and I love cold and carbonated. I won’t say that I don’t miss the idea of Coke, but whenever I’ve taken a sip of sweet or even a bite of a treat, it’s almost repulsive. Oftentimes, I don’t even want flavored water.

I didn’t expect this from Thrive, but I’m very happy it’s been easy to put away sweets. This also means, I haven’t been crashing. Once upon a time, I’d have my Coke, ride that caffeine high for an hour, and then I’d plummet. That meant trying to find something else to get my energy back up. Carbs and sugar do that. Guess what I turned to?


The DFT 2.0 patch has been great at keeping my appetite down. That’s the biggest thing I’ve noticed about it. It’s also really good for mental acuity and focus.

The capsules are fantastic for getting me up and moving in the mornings. I set my alarm so I can chill for 30 minutes before having to spring into action, but once I’ve had my capsules, I’m good to go. It’s easy to make those 15 trips up and down the steps because, “Mom, I left my xxx upstairs. Can you grab it for me?”

The shake is a combination of staving off appetite and energy boosting. The shake and capsules are my favorite honestly. I can’t function well without them. An AM and a PM shake keep me going all day until dinner. They provide an even and elevated energy level through vitamins and natural sources of caffeine. Naturally occurring caffeine means lower amounts needed to achieve a consistent up vs spiking and lagging. I hate spikes and crashes.

Today, I’m trying to split my shake and doing 1/2 scoop in the morning, and I’ll try another 1/2 scoop for the afternoon just to see how well it works. Two days this week, I’ve missed an afternoon shake, and I can unequivocally notice a difference in my energy levels. Even taking a 2nd capsule in the afternoon wasn’t cutting it. So I’m curious to see how I’ll feel with the half shakes. I’ll update later this evening with the results.

Note: I do need to make an important statement for anyone wanting to try Thrive, because I just learned this today myself. If you’re ordering, sign up under the Auto Ship option! It will save you 30% off your order! You can cancel it immediately after. It’s literally the click of a button. There’s no penalty, and you don’t have to call or anything. But you’ll want to save that 30%. If you do end up loving it, and I have little doubt, you’ll be set so you don’t have to miss any days, because you’re out of supplies. You can also pause your order if you find you don’t anything or the order falls at the wrong time of the month.

Pro Tip: order one canister of shake mix for home and get the other in packets. I’ve missed out on much needed shakes, because I didn’t have any with me. I regret this! In the future, my shipment will have one of each. Vanilla and chocolate are highly recommended!

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