My Thrive Experience: Day I

If you want to know a little bit about my journey, you can begin at My Backstory. If you only want to see my results and experience, feel free to skip down to Day 1 of this post.

My Backstory:

In the winter of 2014, I began taking my health more seriously. I was battling a lot of personal issues, my divorce being the hardest thing I’d ever confronted. All the stress left me unable to sleep and barely capable of eating. In a matter of weeks, I’d lost twenty pounds.

As effective as it was, I don’t recommend the stress diet.

In the midst of all of the chaos, however, I decided to use it to my advantage instead of letting it take me down with it. I began working out regularly and adjusted my diet to include healthy meals and cut out soda. Around nine months later, I had lost sixty pounds and felt better than I had in my adult life.

Fast forward two years:

By 2016, God had sent me the exact right man to help me heal, to help me grow, and to inspire me to pursue my goals. The Beau (my now husband) uprooted his life, moving from Oklahoma to Kentucky to be with me. And can I just take a moment to commend him for this? He went from flying solo to having a wife, being a bonus dad to two preteen girls, and adjusting to a new job in a new state. And he did it all without missing a beat. When I call him a blessing, I mean it in the truest sense of the word.

But this of course meant readjusting our lives, which was honestly was a breath of fresh air, but it was also disruptive to our health routine. So many things shifted in such a short period of time that a lot of days were spent keeping up without getting ahead. All of it was a grand adventure, but it also carried a price.

We moved (in some capacity) a total of six times in four years. I’ve published several books, the Beau has changed jobs, and the girls have changed schools. You know, life stuff. In the midst of all of that, our routine went from deliberate to convenient. So now I’m in a position of trying to find the energy to get back on track.

Present day:

My life, as is most people’s, is somewhat hectic. Waking up, getting kids to school 30 minutes away, coming home, getting the Beau off to work, cleaning house, running errands, cooking meals, trying to write, playing counselor, investing in my marriage, helping with homework, making time for extracurricular activities, and on and on. You know how it goes.

I’ve been guilty of the quickie meal, skipping the gym, and opting to plop down in my chair instead of taking a walk or otherwise investing in consistent exercise. My energy levels are in the tank. I’ve been turning to insta-fixes like sugar of caffeine to get me through the day. My sleep is terrible, which causes gut issues which spawns anxiety. Basically, I’ve been an exhausted, anxious mess, and I’m tired of it, especially since I know how good I can feel otherwise.

My Goals:

Ultimately my goals are pretty straightforward: I want to lose weight, have more energy and focus, sleep better, experience less anxiety and irritability, and to have a healthy gut.

Day 1 on Thrive:

This brings us to the focus of this post: THRIVE.

My (former though I view her all the same) sis-in-law started Thrive four years ago. She’s never been “in your face” about it, but has simply shared her own experiences as they occurred, which were often, because when you feel amazing, it’s obvious. I’m always careful about anything that promotes A Healthier You! as those things are oftentimes a quick fix and not at all healthy or lasting. But seeing Megan consistently getting healthier and feeling great in the process finally got me to questioning, “Is this real?”

So being the skeptic and intense researcher that I am, I began digging. I scoured the internet for testimonials or cautionary tales. I asked Megan a thousand questions: is it real? Does it work? Does it last? How does it work? Am I going to feel good then crash? Will this make me jittery? Is it safe? I am extremely sensitive to stimulants, and my gut health is a priority, because it’s something I battle daily.

Ultimately, I decided that between the reviews I’d found and personally witnessing Megan’s results, it was worth it to try and feel as good as I could clearly see she did. Today is Day 1 of my Thrive experience.

This is a 100% clear and honest review of my results on Thrive. I’m not endorsing nor selling it as I’ve yet to have my own experience, but I will be sharing my day to day thoughts and results, so anyone interested can better understand what to expect.

May 7, 2019:

7:30 AM: Upon waking, I took one of two capsules in the daily pack and drank about 10 ounces of water. Within 30 minutes, I was wide-eyed and practically bounded downstairs to start my day. For those of you who don’t know me, this is not normal. I have tons of energy. To the point I feel like I need to run, but not because I’m anxious or jittery. Though it’s somewhat unfocused energy. I also have really heightened senses. It feels similar to being on ADD medicine where I notice every little sound and everything seems extra. I’m not crazy about that part as I’m already hyper-aware, but it isn’t overwhelming.

8:30 AM: Shake time. The vanilla is really good. It’s somewhat grainy, but it doesn’t leave a funky after taste and is relatively mild without being bland. I mixed one full scoop with 10 ounces of skim milk. It left me with a vanilla drink more than what I’d call a shake, but I prefer that. The Beau also had one capsule and a shake at this time. I mixed his in the blender (as opposed to a shaker cup) with 10 ounces of milk and mixed berries: strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry. This thickened it up to more of a smoothie consistency which he likes. It tastes amazing! The shake also seemed to tone down the hyper I was feeling from the capsules. I still have the energy, but it’s a manageable level.

10:30 AM: I. Feel. Great! I never feel great. I have higher energy, but it isn’t hyper energy. My focus is on point. I can concentrate, and I don’t know the last time I felt that way. There’s a general sense of well-being and anticipation, which is a nice surprise. As I mentioned, when I don’t rest, my guts feel icky and that creates anxiety and irritability. As of now, none of that is an issue. I’m not hungry after my morning supplements and shake, also an added benefit. I am calm and focused but in no way tired. There’s a niggling in the back of my brain that says, “This is too good to be true,” but Megan assures me, “After 4 years, I’ve only felt better and better.” I’m cautiously optimistic, but as of right now, I’m just content in the fact that I feel better in this moment than I have in years.

1:00 PM: I started feeling hungry for the first time today, so I had my second shake an a banana. Still feeling very sharp and focused without jitters or crashing. The chocolate shake is fabulous. Seriously. I’m so happy with the flavors, and that was a primary concern. It’s been the best-feeling day I’ve had in years.

7:00 PM: I just had my first “meal” of the day. I honestly forgot to eat until I started feeling like I’d forgotten to eat. Even then, I didn’t feel poorly, just mildly sluggish. I had a salad and about 1/3 of my Cajun chicken, and then I was full. My appetite has been effortlessly manageable today. To the point I had to remind myself to eat.

And the best part of this, you guys, not once did I crash. I always crash in the afternoons sometime between 3 – 7 PM. It’s 8:42, and I’m barely tired. I don’t know when this has happened in my adult life. Today has been eye opening to say the least. I’ve been alert, attentive, and focused. I’ve been calm yet energetic. Aside from the first hour or so of sensitivity to my surroundings, Thrive has been seamless. I seriously cannot wait to see how this plays out over the course of the coming weeks.

Megan has been great about guiding me in how maximize results. And so far, day 1 has been even better than I anticipated. I will continue to update as the days and weeks progress. Allegedly it takes a few weeks to see the full results, so I’m hopeful I’ll continue seeing more positive results.

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