My Thrive Experience: Day 3

I want to give the Thrive 8 Week Experience the full 8 weeks before I weigh in fully, but I’m also going to be honest throughout the process. This blog is as much for me as it is anyone else who might be interested in trying Thrive. I want to document my experiences, good, bad, and everything in between. As of right now, however, I can confidently say Thrive is life-changing.

My day to day in just 72 hours has improved drastically.

Day 1, my work experience, staying focused and on task, my mental clarity and energy levels were amazing and all within 30 minutes of taking my first capsule. I don’t know if that’s common on Thrive, but it’s been incredible for me.

Day 2, I was gone much of the day, running errands and getting my hair done. It was my test run on the DFT 2.0 patch as well as switching from 2 shakes to 1. The patch was super for my mental clarity and focus. I can’t say it did as much for my appetite and energy, but my brain was insanely happy!

Now we are on Day 3 where my plan is to incorporate my morning capsule and shake, followed by a snack and patch. For lunch, I will have my 2nd shake and snack. My goal for today is to see if we can avert the over-stimulation, maintain the focus and clarity, and keep my energy levels consistent until bedtime.

9:30 AM: I took my morning capsule and within 30 minutes, I popped up, got dressed, and drove to the grocery. I have so much energy. It’s not in a hyper or can’t-sit-still way, but y’all, I all but sprinted through Walmart.  Even though I moved at quick clip through the store, I wasn’t winded. In fact, I was smiling, because I thought, “My girls won’t know what’s gotten into me the next time we come shopping, and I don’t have to tell them to slow down but rather keep up.”

My mind is so clear. Those of you who are local know they’re currently renovating our store, yet I was able to scan products and find stuff with ease. My focus is on point and my attention is razor sharp. It’s actually disconcerting how clear everything is. Even my reflexes are crisper.

10:30 AM: Because I was out of milk, I had to wait longer to have my shake, but I think this actually played into my favor. The capsule had me hyper-aware, but it was more manageable than the capsule and shake combined. Adding it in more slowly over time seems to lessen that issue.

12:30 PM: I added my DFT 2.0 patch about 30 minutes ago, and I feel wonderful. I have the focus, the energy, and calm of Day 1, but I haven’t felt the acute sensitivity as much. I have a twinge of hunger which I plan to satiate with a hard boiled egg. Since I had my 1st shake later this morning, I will add in the next sometime around 2 PM. So far my mind has stayed clear, my energy levels are fantastic, and I don’t feel like I can smell colors.

7:00 PM: Today’s schedule has been the best so far. Spacing each step by about an hour seems to keep me going with less incident of sensitivity. The day also tested just how much social interaction I could manage without crashing into a fiery pit of exhausted introvert. After an entire day of errands, work, and more than 2.5 hours of phone time, I was done socializing but didn’t feel like I was going to start twitching. That alone is an enormous testament to how well Thrive is personally working for me.

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