My Thrive Experience: 2 Week Update


Where to begin? I’m not a highly emotional person. I’m rational, skeptical, and even a bit cynical at times. But not with Thrive. It’s no small thing when I say: Thrive has completely changed my life.

Starting my second week, I’m beginning to rest better. Sleep and gut issues have always been my biggest struggles. When one is off, it’s bad. When two are off, it leaves me borderline nonfunctional. Both of these issues take time to see results. It’s not as quick of a fix as the instant energy level boost or the mental focus. But going into this week, I’m seeing a noticeable change in my gut health. My stomach isn’t hurting as much as it has been. I’m still adjusting my diet to identify any food or ingredient sensitivities, but the shakes have been instrumental in rebuilding good bacteria, boosting digestion, etc.

Over the weekend, I tried Rest gel for the first time. I’d put it off since my initial order (it came as a sample) because I’m very sensitive to sleep aids, melatonin in particular. With everything I’ve tried in the past, I wake up feeling hungover the next day, which totally negates trying to rest well in the first place. Not to mention melatonin makes me feel super grumpy the following day.

This wasn’t at all the case with Rest. I slept soundly, only waking once or twice vs 5+ times, on a good night, but usually 10 or more. I actually woke up feeling rested and popped out of bed even before my morning capsules. Rest is the first aid I’ve used that both helped me sleep and didn’t leave me groggy the next day.

I have noticed that Thrive seems to build up in my system. After a week, I noticed I wasn’t winding down as easily in the evening, so the following day, I skipped my routine. To my delight, I still felt great on my day off, which further solidified my idea that it builds up. I slept decently that evening and started Thrive again after one day off. Things have been great since, so I will probably continue to take a day off once a week.

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